"My five-step module on using your mind's own augmented reality system.

This is not a basic meditation. We will also get to those, but this is a bit different. Allow me to take you on a small journey into your mind.

What makes this different Module different from "regular" meditation?

There are many apps, prompts and YouTube videos on meditation.
Just google anything, and you can follow along. 

You've probably heard about grounding, headspace, or the calm app.
These are some solid meditation basics; I encourage you to check them out.

However, the thing is that they all take place in the mental theater.

Put simply, Common meditation focuses solely on your inner world and this leaves a big part of your brain superpowers unused!

For example. Did you know your brain has a hard time separating fantasy from reality? This has many evolutionary reasons, but most Often, this is a complete drag. But not for us! No, we will turn this mental handicap around and use it to our advantage!

This Module will explore your mind's built-in "augmented reality system."
We will paste images over our reality.
I promise you will be shocked when you learn how this skill can help us in more ways than I could explain in this course!

Before we get started, know this:

This Module is extremely beginner-friendly, and I have taught it to kids and adults alike. However, it is described as being pretty intense, so buckle up and let's dive in!

My Massive Error In Discovering This Meditation

In my 20-year path as a martial arts teacher, I found that many of my students struggled with meditation.

Most had trouble focusing or relaxing, but some had it worse. They could experience some pretty severe anxiety when meditating. 

They needed some help dealing with the images their mind produced while meditating.

So, one training weekend, I lighten things up a bit.

And boy, was I wrong...

We started the class by doing a simple floating ball meditation.
It is a simple visualization exercise that I often use to help people focus.
(Come to think of it. I will probably publish it on this website as well. You'll like it. But back to the training weekend)

So imagine this: We were all sitting outside in the sun, floating an imaginary ball around.

And then, genius as I am, I had to play a bit with the drill and add more visualizations.

I thought I would make things a bit more fun.
And that's where I was wrong.
After we did the same exercise that I will teach you, all my students fell eerily still.
Some were crying softly, and others were crying a bit harder.

I was scared because I thought I had broken something inside them.
But luckily, that wasn't the case.

It turned out that they all loved the drill!
They were moved, and shaken but they loved it!

Well, since that training weekend, I learned a few things.

It started with an exercise by Tony Robbins, where he showed his audience how our body responds to what we imagine.

Then, in his book The Happiest Trap, Dr. Russ Harris Explains how our minds can color our reality based on what we think and feel.

Last, Bob Proctor explains how we create "happy" accidents around us by what we focus on.

I can give you all these sources, but bear with me for a moment because this is important!

We know that our minds have a hard time separating fantasy from reality
We know that our minds can color how we perceive reality
We know our minds influence our bodies by what we think and feel
AND we know that how we think and feel can CREATE the reality around us.


The Strategy

What if we could use the knowledge we have but use it deliberately?
Well, we can!
I've tried this exercise 100's of times with many students and the results are extraordinary. The practice may seem childish, but I'll explain why we take this route, so I'll kindly ask for your patience for now.

The steps to follow are super easy but will require some practice.
I'll take you through each step, but the outline is pretty simple

  • step 1 Merge Imagination and Reality
  • step 2 Create The Door
  • step 3 Enter the animal
  • Step 4 (Advanced): Give your animal a task
  • step 5 Close up

The practice step by step:

I will walk you through each step.

Don't worry. I'll explain to you what to do. Why it works, and will give you some tips and tricks for each step.

Step 1: Merge Imagination and Reality

What to do

  • To start, sit in a familiar and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for a while.
  • Take in the room and notice everything about it,
  • Now close your eyes (after reading the entire thing, smarty pants...)
  • And imagine the room exactly as it is.
  • Open your eyes again and see if the image you had in your mind matches the room.
  • Close your eyes and imagine the room again.
  • Repeat these steps until the image of the room you have in your mind matches the room when you open your eyes.
  • Then keep your eyes closed!

How it works

In his book "The Happiness" Trap, Dr. Russ Harris Explains how our minds fuse our perception of reality with what we think.

It's called fusion and is often an involuntary response to our thoughts, which will result in anger or fear.

But what we will be doing is to take this built-in process and use it to our benefit.

Since the brain has difficulty separating fantasy from reality, we will turn its disability into strength and use this "merging of worlds" to our benefit.


  • Pick a spacious room, so you have some room to place your animal.
  • Also, pick a room with few details to keep track of; make it easy on yourself.
  • Take your time in this phase. Usually, it takes 5-10 repetitions and 2-5 minutes.

Step 2: Create The Door

What to do

  • Now that you have your eyes closed (I told you, you should read the whole thing)
  • I want you to place a door, a portal or anything you want IN the room.
  • Make it as natural for you as possible.
  • You can place it on a wall, floor, ceiling or in the middle of the room. Do what feels good.

How this works:
This is the most crucial step!

You are now giving your brain a Believable bridge between your inner and outer world.

Since it has a hard time separating these two worlds, you have now given it a breath of relief that it doesn't have to do so anymore.

If you have entered this state, your subconsciousness and thus your reality are SUPER SENSITIVE for anything that goes down from now on.

There is no danger here, but as in anything experimental, proceed at your own pace, with your judgment and at your own risk.


  • Start with a closed door to determine if you open it.
  • Have the door grounded well into the room to help your brain make sense of this experience?
  • IMPORTANT: Before taking this step, ensure you understand step 5. This step is your guide home, and you need to take step 5 to benefit from future use of this technique.

Step 3: Enter the animal.

What to do

  • Open the door.
  • From the door, a clear blue light enters the room
  • From the light, your favorite animal emerges.
  • The animal greets you and settles alongside you for the rest of the meditation. It's ok to pet the animal in your mind!

How it works

Humans are among the few creatures that can care deeply for other species.

It's proven that pets significantly influence our health and mind; they help reduce stress, depression or anxiety. They ease loneliness, encourage playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Also, Pets have a unique quality. They love us unconditionally, which takes away ALL of the social pressure and stress we face when dealing with humans.

Remember that our brain can't separate fantasy from reality?

We now enter all the benefits of having a pet using only our minds!

How epically awesome is that?!


  • You can use any animal you want. Fantasy animals are lovely as well.
  • Remember step one? Make sure the animal is IN the room with you.

Step 4 (Advanced): Give your animal a task

What to do

This step will be explained in the advanced Module of this course.
In this step, you can give the animal a task.
Believe me, it will blow your mind (it did so for me)

But for now, just Let your animal sit with you.
That's more than enough for now.

Just enjoy

How it works
I explained how it works. Just enjoy.

Practice this whole meditation a few times before diving deep into the advanced section.
You want to have this down as a second nature before taking the next step.

Step 5: Close up

What to do

  • When you're ready, let the animal move back into the light
  • Give it a light goodbye, like a friend going home after a dinner party.
  • It will be there the next time you get back

Now, before you open your eyes

  1. Close the door
  2. Have it dissolve so that the room is in sync with reality again
  3. Now, close your eyes.

How it works
By "cleaning up" after yourself, you enter the room again as you leave it in your mind.

Does that make sense?
You give your brain the way of least resistance to better anchor the experience you've just had into its reality. It loves this because it cannot find any faults between what it has just experienced and where it is now.

It is exactly because of this "anchor" into reality, that this meditation will have a much, much deeper impact!


  • Make sure you enter the room again as you leave it.
  • That's it, I told you it'd be simple 😀

What's next?

This "meditation" is specifically designed so you learn to use your brain's superpowers of imagination and it can do so many, many things for you!

For example:

  • It is designed to provide you with some comfort when you're sad.
  • It Teaches you to let go in a more easy-going and light way.
  • It lets you find Comfort and relaxation in the now.
  • It will help you clear inner blockaded
    (For some, this will be accompanied by a small tear. That is ok)

And this is just scratching the surface!

In the advanced Module, we will dive way deeper into what you can do with this meditation!

But for now!

First, I want you to practice!

Have at least 10 -20 reps of the whole meditation before starting the advanced section.

Second, If you know anyone who could benefit from this course, please send them the link to this page.

If they sign up for the paid plan, their first 7 days are on me.

Thanks for joining me, my friend!
Until we meet again!